Cherington Plays Mr. Steal Yo Girl Again: Sox Get Moncada


Ben Cherington has brought me a lot of joy over the past couple years and this Monday morning was no different. Up until today it had seemed like the Yankees or Dodgers may end up with 19-year-old sensation Yoan Moncada. But then Benny boy came sweeping in and bam; the Sox get the next Robinson Cano.

Paying $32 million for this kid means the Sox are going to get hit with a 100% overage tax. So really Cherington just said screw it and paid around $63 million for a 19 year old a phenom who looks like he’s 30. Moncada has a world of potential with no ceiling whatsoever. The dilemma now is where he will fit. His main experience is at third and second base, which are filled by Dustin Pedroia and Pablo Sandoval. Ideas of turning him into an outfielder are already beginning to circulate but it would be wise to pull the reins on this kind of talk. Moncada will be in the minors for at least two years and I have no doubt they’ll find a spot for him once he’s ready. If the kid can hit like they say, he’ll see the batter’s box at Fenway when the time comes.

This move helps bolster the Sox system, as Moncada immediately becomes their top prospect. That being said they now have plenty more pieces that can be dealt. Maybe this will help them push for that much needed number one starter or maybe Cole Hamels will stay in Philly and just slowly die in the Citizens Bank Park bleachers along with Charlie Manuel and Ryan Howard. Who knows?

But hey for now lets thank Cuban-loving GM Ben Cherington for feeling out the Cuban landscape better than JFK. In the meantime, I’m going to go watch highlights of a player who is younger than I am and will determine my happiness for the next ten years and counting.

God Bless Cherington, Cuba, and Moncada.

Moncada2 What’re the odds this kid is actually 19?

tumblr_lemv43BMEz1qcfkomo1_500 Slim to none

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