Trade Deadline Recap: Winners, Losers, and Why We Love the NBA


Suns: I blame this one on Sun’s GM Ryan McDonough. Signing Isaiah Thomas over the summer complicated an already confused Phoenix organization. Clearly this was weighing on the mind of Goran Dragic as he suddenly told the world how much he hated the Sun’s front office just two days before the deadline saying, “I don’t trust them any more.”

Having your starting point guard feel that way is never a good look and basically left McDonough with no choice. But hey, signing someone like Thomas can easily turn any starting point guard into an angsty teenager. Rightfully so however. Nobody likes a logjam at point guard.

It’s OK though because now they can rely on Thomas who started to blossom midway through the season’s first half right? Wrong. Thomas gets traded to Boston. Phoenix then goes out a gives away a first rounder from LA (lottery pick) to acquire Brandon Knight. Don’t get me wrong, Knight’s a great player and solid point guard. But come this offseason, you’re going to have to pay this guy over $10 million. But if they don’t want to its alright; I just hope they enjoy giving up a lottery pick and not having a point guard. The Suns have plenty of positives to look at and are an above average team in a stellar Western Conference. But if I’m a Sun’s fan, Thursday felt like a swift kick to the balls.

Sixers: The only reason they are here under the losers category is because they’re the Sixers. They suck and Sam Hinkie is the most confusing man in basketball. But actually this wasn’t a bad Thursday for Philly. Receiving 6 draft picks and Javale McGee is so Hinkie it hurts. Trading Michael Carter-Williams is questionable but dumping KJ McDaniels and his psychotic mother was probably a smart move. And getting McGee is phenomenal solely for entertainment purposes. The picks acquired are nice if used well so we’ll have to wait and see. But Jesus Christ, Sam Hinkie made this deadline as Hinkie as possible.


Ty Lawson: This poor guy just needs a change of setting. He’s stuck with a Nuggets team that has no where to go but the shitter and a recent DUI has led to crazy Lawson stories coming out of the cracks. Someone save this man.

Javale McGee: He got traded to Philadelphia. But I bet he makes it worth his while.




Trail Blazers: Aaron Afflalo is a great grab. Most likely to hit free agency, he’ll be here for the playoff run and probably not much else. Perfect get for the playoff push. Also acquired Alonzo Gee. Unreal name.

Reggie Jackson: Finally this dude got what he wanted. He was stuck in a shitty situation and needed a change. Can’t blame the guy for begging to get out. Hopefully he makes the most of it in Detroit. And if he doesn’t, at least he’ll get to party with Brandon Jennings.

Thunder: Looking at it from the other side, they no longer have to deal with Reggie Jackson pleading like a pubescent girl.

Sam Hinkie: No body gets turned on by draft picks like this guy and boy did he get his fix this past Thursday. I’m happy for him and his ten thousand second rounders. If used correctly, this could be a great move by Hinkie and his corky ways. If not, he’ll probably grab twelve new ones at the next deadline anyway.

Goran Dragic and Miami: Dragic wanted out of Phoenix and got his wish. Pat Riley got a steal of a deal in getting him and his brother for basically Norris Cole and a bag of recyclables. With the scary loss of Chris Bosh, Dragic provides some much needed support and will certainly help them down the road.

I could go on for days but nothing can bring that much excitement to a Thursday afternoon like the NBA can. The only thing that would’ve made this trade deadline better was a little Sheed but I guess we’ll just have to wait.


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