The Curious Case of Marshawn Lynch

beast mode

Beast Mode, gold grills, and skittles. Three things that make Marshawn Lynch great.

A lot of people would probably say the exact opposite. Many think he’s thug who’s too quiet. “He’s a jerk”, one of my professors claims. Or is he just an introvert who won’t change? I’ll take the latter and bet the house. It’s people like Marshawn Lynch who make sports great. Of course he could be nicer to the media and yeah maybe he could answer a question every now and then with a real answer. But that’s not Marshawn so why would he change?

His tendencies anger people. He gives one word answers to the media and doesn’t like to talk. Unless it’s about skittles. Then he’ll talk for days. I can’t blame the guy for not wanting to talk to the media before and after games. Just sit and listen in on an NFL post-game press conference and you’ll be able to realize how useless some of the questions are that are asked.

You could use about any one of his post-game pressers as an example but I’m going to take the “Thanks for asking” themed interview from December, 21st after a win in Arizona.

Here we see, per usual, Lynch gives the reporters nothing. They get mad and leave, he gets fined, and everyone goes about their lives. But listen to the way those questions were phrased. “Can you describe the 79 yard touchdown run?” “How about the stomach issue early in the game?” “Can you take us through the run?” Maybe it’s just me but I think the effort is pretty poor on the reporting side too. I wouldn’t want to answer those dumb questions either. They seem more like prompts than questions to me but hey, maybe that’s why I’m not in the NFL. This kind of stuff ticks people off. They get mad at his quiet and mean responses. He doesn’t want to talk so he’s not going to and that makes people mad. I get that. But Marshawn being Marshawn is another example of how personalities in the world of sports make it the most fun world of all. After all, he’s giving us something to talk about, isn’t he?

Finally this past weekend, he talked to reporters regarding the play that lost his team this year’s Super Bowl. Rather than give Lynch, arguably the best running back on the planet, the ball, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks elected to pass and eventually throw the season away (making me happier than a kid on Christmas morning). Of course in classic, obscure, Marshawn Lynch fashion, it was a Turkish sports network with whom he spoke. My first thought was, “What in God’s name is he doing in Turkey?” Well in case you were wondering the same, he and a few other NFL players are overseas helping to run a football camps across the region. He gave a full interview and answered all of the questions politely and fully. Why now and why Turkey? We’ll never know. But it’s just Marshawn being Marshawn.

One thing I do know however is that while in Turkey, he attended an “American Football Without Barriers” event and wore this. If that’s not business casual I don’t know what is.


He’s real. He’s going to be himself and he doesn’t care what you think. As rude and stubborn as you may find him, I think he’s entertaining, original, and fun. There’s no way you can tell me that outfit is not fun. (But if you could tell me what exactly he’s wearing that would be great because I have no idea.) Yes he could be kinder to reporters. Yes he could be more outgoing. Yes he could act less childish. But why would he? That’s not Marshawn and that’s not fun. He does his job to superb levels on the field and is known for being an awesome teammate. Those things mean the most to Marshawn. Anyone else’s opinion is probably pretty far down the Beast Mode totem pole. If the American media really wants him to be more outspoken, for God’s sake ask the man about Skittles. Nobody loves Skittles like Marshawn loves Skittles.

skittles marsh

Keep doing you Marshawn.

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