Kelly Olynyk and the Symbolic Black Eye


Earlier today at the team’s morning shootaround, Celtics’ center Kelly Olynyk took an elbow from teammate Shavlik Randolph and suffered a laceration just above his eye. It was reported that he would most likely miss Wednesday nights game versus the Indiana Pacers and hopefully be back later in the week.

But then Olynyk released his inner hockey player; going out and playing 22 minutes, scoring 19 points, and going 7-10 from the field all while having a large grape appear underneath his eyelid. Who needs two eyes when you can score with one, right?

This is the 2015 Boston Celtics. They were down and out. No formula and bound for the lottery. But they kept fighting. Even through their front office basically trading away anyone they could for draft picks (including star Rajon Rondo), they kept fighting. They could be tanking for a lottery pick in the hope of drafting a Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony Towns but they’re not. Playing through black eyes and patchy lineups, the Celts find themselves as the eighth seed in the East and in playoff contention. Yes this is the weakest Eastern Conference the NBA has seen in a long time, but hey, you can’t knock the hustle. Head coach Brad Stevens has found a way to keep his guys grinding and it’s pretty awesome.

I’m not saying the Celtics are a great team nor am I saying that you have to root for them. But what I am saying is you have to respect what is going on at the TD Garden. Because in that building, eyes are overrated.

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