The Super Scary Streaking Spurs

In the recent weeks, the San Antonio Spurs have been tearing their opponents apart. I’m talking limb from limb, horror film type stuff. On Wednesday night, they defeated the Houston Rockets 110-98. This was San Antonio’s ninth straight win by at least 12 points. Only the 2008-2009 Cavaliers and 2010-2011 Heat have had streaks close to the one the Spurs currently hold. It’s no surprise Head Coach Gregg Popovich has his team peaking at the right time. Since 2003, Pop has lead the Spurs to four NBA Titles on five finals appearances, and eight division titles.

The gang of Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Gregg Popovich has become the most intimidating group of emotionless elders the NBA has ever seen. Quietly going about their business all year long, doing their thing in the lone star state until the playoff rush comes around and then BANG, the Spurs come back into everyone’s head as a leading candidate to win the Western Conference. I came across two tweets over the last few days that describe the repetitive situation perfectly.

The selflessness that glistens out of this locker room on a daily basis is so un-NBA it hurts. Everyone gets their turn, and everyone will have to step up. Clearly this is Tim Duncan’s team along with fellow vets Ginobili and Parker, but as of late, they have stepped back and let Kawhi Leonard take the reins. It’s a flawless system that has been driven into the Spurs’ personnel ever since David Robinson teamed up with Duncan in 1999 to win the franchise’s first title. San Antonio knows the formula and refuses to change any of its variables.

Gregg Popovich is the Bill Belichick of the NBA. He’s the all-knowing presence that refuses to go. Maybe it’s the extra g in his name that gives him the leg up. Who knows? But one thing I do know is that the Spurs are once again a force to be reckoned with. Twelve years after this group won their first title together, they’re still toying with teams claiming to be the league’s best. Golden State has the best record in the NBA? They’ve won twelve straight? That’s nice. Nothing Uncle Tim and Grandpa Popovich can’t handle.

Spurs win 107-92.

Bottom line: you cannot sleep on the Spurs. Golden State, Cleveland, and Houston may have the glamour and flash, but San Antonio has the rough and tough grit. Don’t be surprised to see them come out of the West once again. Put your faith in Coach Pop and his great love for the press; because with social skills like this, he’ll never let you down. Plus, he’ll win a few games along the way.

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