Takeaways From the Month of April

For baseball, the month of April means a whole lot of overanalyzing. April stats can give off a trend that we’ll watch for the remainder of the season, or they can be misleading lies that ruin baseball fans’ summer months. Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with this year. Determining if they will remain a fact or become fiction is up to you.

The Red Sox have pitching problems

This would be tough to debate as fiction. The Sox currently sit a game under .500 and have a team ERA of 4.85, nice enough for third worst in the league. With a batting order loaded with big hitters, you have to wonder when the front office in Beantown will make finally make a change. A team with this kind of expectations won’t stick with an ERA like that for very long. What many feared this offseason is quickly becoming a reality in Boston.

Dee Gordon is awesome

Through 27 games, Gordon is hitting an absurd .430 while flashing his dangerous speed almost every night for the Marlins. Although this isn’t sustainable for the season, his pattern of transforming games is. With his kind of speed, a simple infield single (which he has twelve of) can turn into a triple before you blink. Keep an eye on Gordon as the season moves forward. Plus he can dunk too.

Devon Travis is really good

“Who the hell is Devon Travis”, you ask? That was my first question too. He’s a 24-year-old stud-of-a second baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays who’s currently hitting .309 and slugging .598 alongside 7 homers and 23 RBI. Travis was highly touted in the Detroit Tigers farm system before being dealt to Toronto in exchange for Anthony Gose. Many are thinking he’s the league’s next star while others feel this is just a quick fad. Quick side note: Travis lost in the Little League World Series final in 2003 to Japan. Nobody roots for Japan in the Little League World Series, so does that mean we have to root for Travis now? Think about it, if you will.


I refuse to type anymore about him. You’re welcome to go ahead and participate in independent research. Long live Jason Varitek.

The Astros are finally a legitimate team

No fact or fiction debate here, the Astros are here to stay. With Jose Altuve and Jake Marisnick leading the way, Houston is in good hands. The majority of people won’t know either of those names and that’s what makes it fun. All aboard the Astros bandwagon. They’ve been accepting passengers for years; now there’s finally reasons to fill the seats.

Washington is struggling

The Nationals entered the season as the most popular pick to win the World Series. They’ve stumbled big time coming out of the gate – going 7-13 through their first 20 games. The Nats will pull it together at some point, it’s just a question of how soon. No need for Nats fans to panic just yet.

The Royals are still rolling

Coming off the AL pennant, the Royals had a quiet offseason. However the boys in blue have started the season off with a bang sitting at 17-9 atop the AL Central. Maybe it was the time period in which I grew up in, but I’ll always see the Royals as the underdog – regardless of if they made it to the World Series last year. I’m totally rooting for the “underdog” here to stay hot all year long. So maybe they’re the favorites? Whatever, everyone loves a good underdog story. Even if it’s fake. They also lead the league in bench-clearing incidents. No shortage of entertainment in KC.

Big Sexy and the Mets!

The Mets are good! I never thought I’d be able to say it but the Mets are good! Entering Thursday, New York is 18-10 and leading the NL East. They’ve been so horrendous for so many years, you have to root for them. If their past downfalls don’t do it for you, Big Sexy will. 41 year-old Bartolo Colon is 5-1 with a 2.90 ERA and leading the charge. He’s 5-11, 285 lbs., and loves big hugs. If you can’t root for his team, at least root for Colon.

All hail Big Sexy.

Happy baseball season everyone.

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