NBA Finals Quick Hits

With the series knotted at two games apiece, this year’s NBA Finals is quickly forming into one of the most entertaining postseason matchups of the last decade. With storylines aplenty, the NBA is wishing this series would last until opening night next fall. As overwhelming as these first four games have been, we still have at least two more games to try and wrap our heads around. So here are some key points following Golden State’s game four blowout, and some things to consider moving forward.

1st Quarter Scoring

In games one, two, and three, Golden State struggled to get going early on, scoring only 19 first quarter points in game one, and just 20 in games two and three. Last night the Warriors scored 31 points in the first and avoided playing another round of catch-up. Coming out guns blazing is a must for Steph Curry and the Warriors.

Cleveland’s Shooting and LeBron’s Supporting Cast

Doubling teaming LeBron puts a world of pressure on the shooting of his fellow Cavaliers. Game four was a prime example of what can happen if the shots don’t fall. Last night Cleveland shot 6-45 from outside of the paint with JR Smith and Iman Shumpert shooting a combined 1-13 from beyond the arc and totaling nine points. Believe it or not, that won’t be good enough to get the job done.

Andre Iguodala

If it wasn’t for Iguodala, LeBron James would probably be averaging 60 points a game. His defense has been stellar to say the least and his veteran presence on a young Warriors squad is of extreme value. Looking for a change, Steve Kerr decided to start the 33-year-old guard in place of Andrew Bogut in game four. Risky as it was, Golden State reaped the rewards. Iguodala had a season high 22 points and held LeBron to 1-7 from the field when guarding him in leading the Warriors to a 103-82 win. The world’s most important Iggy is finally being recognized.

Timofey Mozgov 

Posting a career high 28 points in game four, Timofey Mozgov is going to have to continue to step up as Golden State does their best to lock down LeBron. As smaller lineups for the Warriors become prevalent, Mozgov can thrive. The Cavs desperately need this extra boost. Also he’s an unreal promoter:

Dellavedova Mania

The city of Cleveland is rapidly falling in love with Matthew Dellavedova. The hard-nosed Australian guard has given the Cavs a much-needed spark in the absence of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Continuing to play his role is a must if Cleveland wants to win two more games. Regardless, he’s doing a wonderful job of playing the role of the city’s lovable white boy that Johnny Manziel couldn’t uphold. I mean c’mon just look at him!

Say your prays that this series goes to seven games. I’m not sure we’ll have one as exciting as this for a long time. For once, the Spurs aren’t involved, there’s no Miami Heat, and there is a team from California that isn’t the Lakers. And please, as annoying as his antics can be, do not take for granted the ability to watch LeBron James play basketball. What he’s currently doing is unheard of. Nobody is suppose to average 40 points per game in the NBA Finals, but LeBron is casually making it look like child’s play. Enjoy it.

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