About Strictly Buckets

Strictly Buckets Sports is not just about the buckets (basketball).

Strictly Buckets Sports is an independent sports blog (run by Chris Grenham) covering the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and NCAA football and basketball. I think its suitable to start off by explaining the origins of the name.

“Strictly Buckets” comes from a quote from one of the NBA’s great personalities. On August 15th, 2014, Nick Young, aka Swaggy P tweeted, “No tats on the right arm Strictly for buckets”. As un-inspiring as this may seem, it came from Nick Young and that means it takes on a world of meaning.

I think its important for readers to know that for me, any words coming from the mouths of Nick Young, Rasheed Wallace, or Red Sox great Kevin Millar deserve the utmost attention. I firmly believe there is nothing better than entertaining sports figures and the quotes they can share with us.

In the words of Jeezy, “Your opinion’s like an escalade, everybody got one.” Well this is where you can find mine.

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