Spurs Win Offseason and Future, Close in on World Domination

Over the past decade, my basketball fandom has been tortured by the San Antonio Spurs. Fundamentally perfect and frustratingly boring, the NBA’s flawless franchise never seems to fail. As long as I have been alive, I have never gone into a regular season thinking the Spurs would be bad, or even average for that matter. My personal form of hell as a child was watching Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili jog up and down the court and perfectly execute a balanced half court offense, ultimately finishing with uncle Tim banking one off the glass from 15 feet out for two points. The Spurs formula NEVER failed. It was constant basketball perfection and it sucked. Continue reading “Spurs Win Offseason and Future, Close in on World Domination”

NBA Free Agency: Where Bidding on Other Human Beings is Cool

With the NBA Draft behind us, it’s finally time to turn our attention towards the chaotic frenzy otherwise known as free agency. 2015 is shaping up to be another fun summer with plenty of outside suitors looking to swipe away talent from opposing organizations. As much as everyone would love to scream and shout about another “Decision”, it appears LeBron will be returning to Cleveland for another title run. So with that being said, who do we have to focus on and what can we look forward to entering this summer’s free agency period. Continue reading “NBA Free Agency: Where Bidding on Other Human Beings is Cool”

NBA Finals Quick Hits

With the series knotted at two games apiece, this year’s NBA Finals is quickly forming into one of the most entertaining postseason matchups of the last decade. With storylines aplenty, the NBA is wishing this series would last until opening night next fall. As overwhelming as these first four games have been, we still have at least two more games to try and wrap our heads around. So here are some key points following Golden State’s game four blowout, and some things to consider moving forward. Continue reading “NBA Finals Quick Hits”

Mike Sherman and the Full Circle of Football

Mike Sherman’s coaching career in the game of football has been a long and winding road to say the least. Beginning in 1978 at Stamford High School, the last 35 years have been quite the journey. From the College of the Holy Cross to the Green Bay Packers, and everything in between, Sherman’s resumé resembles that of many high level football coaches. Bouncing from one place to another almost every season, it can be a pretty hectic journey. Most coaches don’t always find their one spot and therefore, find themselves caught in the endless and exhausting coaching cycle.

As of this winter, Mike Sherman was in the thick of that very cycle. Coming off his second season as Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator, he and the organization decided to part ways. As a veteran coaching free agent, it was assumed he’d soon be announced as the new coordinator for another NFL or college team. Yesterday however, Sherman announced that he had new location to add to his resumé: Nauset Regional High School.

After hearing this news, I quickly glanced to make sure it wasn’t an article from The Onion or an internet hoax – and it wasn’t. Sherman decided to put a stop to the craziness of the coaching cycle. As a coach bounces from place to place, from team to team, as does his family. For the last 35 years, the word “settled” has never been a part of the Sherman household. Now it can be.

Yes, this is a minor story and yes, not many people will care about what Mike Sherman does in his post-NFL life. However I think it’s important to recognize the insanity that is the world of coaching. Acting as mercenaries for multi-million dollar organizations, coaches are shuffled around like chess pieces each offseason. Not many coaches have the guts to shut that process down once they’re involved in it. Mike Sherman did and I commend him for that. Although it’s not a headline story, it’s a commendable and pretty cool move that deserves some light. Like any football man, Sherman couldn’t quit the game cold turkey. A coach keeps coaching. Except this time, the Nauset Regional Warriors will be the ones benefitting from it.

It’s Steph Curry’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Steph Curry is quickly becoming the NBA’s newest superstar. After sinking an NBA record 286 three-pointers during the regular season, Curry and his Golden State Warriors are continuing their rapid pace through the postseason. Last night the 6 foot 3 inch guard from Davidson dropped 40 points on the Houston Rockets as the Warriors took a 3-0 series lead. The baby-faced league MVP was unstoppable once again, hitting from everywhere on the floor no matter the circumstance. Scoring 37 points in three quarters, he spent the majority of the fourth on the bench as the Warriors already held a 103-73 lead. Continue reading “It’s Steph Curry’s World, We’re Just Living In It”

I’m Rooting For the Houston Astros and You Should Be Too

Since making a World Series appearance in 2005, the Houston Astros have found a cozy spot at the bottom of the MLB standings. With below .500 records, no-name players, and unsuccessful management, Minute Maid Park quickly became home to baseball’s biggest losers. I wish I could call them lovable losers, but they weren’t familiar enough to be loved. Nobody knew the players or coaches and nobody felt the need to. With one losing season after another, Houston quickly became the MLB’s biggest afterthought. Continue reading “I’m Rooting For the Houston Astros and You Should Be Too”

The Truth About The Truth

Paul Pierce is exactly what the Washington Wizards have needed for the past decade. He’s Gilbert Arenas without the guns. He’s JaVale McGee with an IQ above four. He’s Andray Blatche without.. well he’s just not Andray Blatche; which for Washington is phenomenal news. The Wizards personnel moves over the last few seasons have been questionable to say the least. Consisting of entertaining characters who didn’t know how to win, squandering talent had become the ultimate description for the lowly Wiz. Continue reading “The Truth About The Truth”